Now you can easily send a pre-written letter to several network email addresses.
You may edit the letter anyway you like, or leave it as is.
Don't forget to Fill in the Contact Information at the end (with contact info the letter would be taken more seriously)

Please Follow These Easy Instructions:
First left click on the "Select All" Button
(The letter will then be highlighted)
Left click Highlighted Letter, click OK on popup
(The letter has just been copied to your clipboard and ready for pasting)
Now Left click on "Email All Networks" Link below
 (This will open your email program)
Now Paste (right click/paste) into the Email Body
(Notice the Bcc (Blind Carbon Copy) this is to prevent relevant from seeing each others email address)
That's It Your Finished, Thank You for helping!
Don't forget to Hit Send :)

Email all Networks


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