Yolanda Bindics
Last Seen August 10th, 2004

$21,000 Reward
The FBI is offering a reward of up to $20,000 716-484-7085
& $1,000 by Crimestoppers 716-856-5600   
for the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for taking Yolanda Bindics life.

  2004 News Clips:
News Clips (provided by 2 On Your Side-WGRZ, WIVB-TV 4, WKBW-TV 7,  The Post-Journal, BuffaloNews www.35wsee.com, WBFO News, Cable 8 News, and other sources)

Thursday, December 23rd 2004
Thursday, volunteers continued their search for 26-year old Yolanda Bindics.
Family and friends are still wearing the emotional scars from the sudden disappearance of the Jamestown mother of four. With Bindics' sister in town from North Carolina for the holidays, she says she couldn't go home without giving it another shot. It's her first Christmas home in eight years, and Margaret Ostrom is searching for any signs of her missing 26-year old sister Yolanda Bindics. “It's hard,” said Ostrom. “It's really hard. I mean she's my best friend.”

Ostrom and a few family friends are searching in a landfill behind the quality markets on Fluvanna Avenue. Four months ago, on August 10, Bindics suddenly disappeared. She was last seen leaving work at the Family Dollar store on Fluvanna Avenue. The search Thursday also takes them to the area by the railroad tracks near Jones and Gifford Avenue. They are hoping the holiday season gives them closure. “We want any miracle, even if it's not a holiday, even if it's after Christmas or after the new year,” said Michelle Butman, a family friend. “We need closure. We need to find something right now.”

“I just take it one day at a time,” said Ostrom. “Some days I fall apart, some days I'm strong.”

The search Thursday came up empty, but friends say they will continue to search every weekend until they find Yolanda.

Wednesday, December 22nd 2004
Grand Jury Indicts JPD Officer
A suspended Jamestown police officer, Michael Watson will now stand trial for multiple counts of stalking and aggravated harrassment and departmental charges (total of 12 counts) after a Chautauqua County grand jury ruled Wednesday that there is probable cause to continue the case. The incidents allegedly happened over a two year period beginning in September of 2001. Watson will be arraigned January 3 in Chautauqua County court.

Tuesday, December 21st 2004
There will be another Public search for Yolanda Bindics in Jamestown.
Thursday December 22nd at 10:30 am.
Meeting Place: Fluvanna Ave. Family Dollar

Sunday, December 19th 2004
Whether a Jamestown police officer on suspension will face criminal charges may be known before Christmas.
Jamestown police officer Michael Watson, will appear before a Chautauqua County Grand Jury Wednesday, December 22nd where he could face charges for allegedly stalking and harassing three women. 

Buffalo attorney Edward C. Cosgrove, the special prosecutor in the harassment and stalking cases, said he made the decision to present the case to the grand jury independent of the police department. "I felt that this unusual step was necessary based upon my independent investigation," Cosgrove said Saturday. "It's best for the citizens of Chautauqua County represented by the grand jury to hear about this alleged criminal conduct." He said he could not comment on whether he would seek more severe felony charges by way of the grand jury.

Watson, 34, also faces departmental charges, police said. He has been suspended from the police force without pay. Watson was involved with Yolanda Bindics, the mother of four who's been missing since August.
Investigators haven't connected these charges with the Bindics' case and is not considered a suspect.

Monday, December 13th 2004
Family and friends continue conducting searches in hopes of finding clues. WBFO'S Eileen Buckley talked to a friend of Bindics. Michelle Butman of Jamestown says Yolanda's young children continue to ask "where's mom."Earlier this month, family, friends and volunteers held another large search effort, but nothing was found. A $21,000 reward is posted for information leading to the whereabouts of Yolanda Bindics. $20,000 is posted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the other $1,000 is from Crime Stoppers. Friend, Michelle Butman, said it is very "depressing" as the holiday approaches. Relatives continue to watch Yolanda's children, ages eight through one.

Sunday, December 5th 2004
Family and friends carefully treaded the woods today, knowing hunters were also out for deer season. They were joined by several folks who read about the search in the local newspaper. And a private citizen who specializes in helping for such searches, drove all the way from Warren with her Cadaver Dog to help out. The family hopes to find more of Bindics Belongings. www.35wsee.com

Tuesday, November 30th 2004
There will be another search for Yolanda Bindics in Jamestown.
Sunday December 5th at 12 p.m.
Meeting Place: Corner of Newland and Huxley in Jamestown. It is planned to search two areas in Jamestown, which will be announced at the meeting place.
Family and Friends of Missing Mother of Four, Yolanda Bindics are Requesting the Aid of Volunteers in Another Search. "We are in desperate need of more people to help us in this search. We are asking ALL Organizations and Individuals to help us look for clues. We Need Your Help!" Rain, shine, snow or sleet will not stop this search!

Saturday, November 27th 2004
PJ112704.jpg Family and friends are literally following dreams in hopes of finding a missing southern tier mother of four. A friend of 26-year old Yolanda Bindics has been dreaming about an area near Hillcrest Baptist Church on Hallock Street in Jamestown. The search party met Saturday morning.

Bindics’ story has touched so many people, one man who is not a friend or relative drove over two hours today to assist in the search. Not even private property hinders the search for Yolanda Bindics as the missing Jamestown woman's family scoured the wooded area.

“We’re desperate and we need more people — I’ll search every weekend we can get down here,’’ said Mrs. Chmielewski, a Buffalo resident. Prospects of future searches grow dim as winter approaches, but each effort maintains the family’s stamina and reminds the public of their loved one’s disappearance once more. “Hopefully, someone has seen something or will be reminded,” Mrs. Bindics said. “Hopefully we’ll find something.”

So far nothing has been found at this location. Saturday’s search included an area near where 34-year old Jamestown Police Officer Michael Watson lives. The officer is on administrative leave. He continues to be a person of interest in the case.

Her family has tried hard to stay hopeful through search after search, but that hope is wearing thin. "It's a terrible feeling," said Patricia Bindics, Yolanda's mother. "We don't know how to place it in reality in our minds."Bindics family continues to search different areas of Jamestown every weekend. Family and friends say they'll continue to search until the young mother is found.

"Who would hurt her? Why? Why take her from the family? Why take her from her friends and the children?" Chmielewski said.
WKBW-TV 7    WIVB TV4   The Post-Journal (front page)

Friday, November 26th 2004
It's been three and a half months since Yolanda Bindics vanished, and her family says that sadness and frustration are taking over their lives. Her family has tried hard to stay hopeful through search after search, but that hope is wearing thin. With clues slowly drying up and little else to go on, her family says its now willing to listen to the advice offered by psychic friends, who have led them to a particular spot.

The place is Hallock Street in Jamestown, specifically a wooded area there, where the family is planning a weekend search. Yolanda's family says psychic friends repeatedly dreamed about that area. They also saw a white cross that perhaps, they say, is like the one on the front of a church on Hallock Street.
The search party will meet Saturday, November 27 at 11 a.m. at Hillcrest Baptist Church in Jamestown.
The Bindics family is asking for volunteers, if for no other reason than to help them cover more ground in what's expected to be a wide search area. 2 on Your Side

The area being searched coincidentally is close to where police officer Michael Watson lives. It was not known by friends, where Watson lived until after that area was chosen and announced to the public that it will be searched.

Sunday, November 21th 2004
Here are some new developments in the case; Yolanda went on a weekend getaway to the Niagara Falls, Ontario Casino with Darien Thomas, the father of her 5-year-old daughter, Courtney. They were starting to re-kindle their relationship. But she was also apparently having a relationship with Jamestown police officer, Michael Watson. Her family believes she was with Watson the weekend before her trip with Darien.
The night she disappeared, family members say she was planning on telling them a secret. “We really don't know what the secret was. We speculated that she was pregnant, but I think they found out she wasn't pregnant,” said Patricia Bindics. That's right according to police.  

All four fathers of Yolanda's four children have cooperated with police. Officer Michael Watson has been suspended without pay and is considered a person of interest in the missing person case.

“I really can't get into who we've eliminated and who we are looking closer at, that's still part of this investigation,” said Detective Osterdahl. “For this to happen to her and for what reason, I just can't put my finger on it. But there's a reason that some one wanted her out of the way, we have our own thoughts as to why this happened but proving it is another thing,” said Detective Art Osterdahl, Jamestown Police.
 “Yolanda's purse and personal items were dumped in a storm drain on or about August 10th,” said Detective Osterdahl. Police now know exactly which storm drain that items were discarded. "Those items have been sent out to be processed for prints along with other items of evidence,” said Detective Osterdahl.

The search for Yolanda Bindics and who took her continues. “I'm not going to give up looking for her or following every lead I can find, until I find out what happened to her,” said Detective Osterdahl. WKBW.com: 7 News   Watch This News Clip

Friday, November 19th 2004
Officer Watson is a 9-year veteran of the Jamestown Police Department. He's currently suspended without pay after several woman say he harassed and stalked them, one victim says it's been going on for seven years.
“It's certainly disturbing to find out that something has gone on and that it's been going on over a period of time,” said Capt. Lee Davies of the Jamestown Police. “It's certainly problematic and we want to make sure that we take steps to ensure that in the future any type of that information would come forward much more quickly.”

All the alleged victims want to remain anonymous because the community is so small. One woman who works at WCA Hospital told investigators Watson made lewd gestures toward her, including grabbing his genitals right in front of other police officer.

Watson is also accused of stalking and harassing some women he worked with at the Jamestown Police Station, all while he was on duty supposedly as he was serving and protecting the community.

Another victim who was a co-worker claims Watson exposed himself to her in the police station while he was in uniform, and she was afraid to tell anyone. Another female coworker stated she had an affair with Watson and had sex with him while he was on duty in a parking lot on Fluvanna Avenue near Washington Street. When she wanted to break it off, Watson wouldn't let it go and kept calling her.
WKBW.com: 7 News    Watch This News Clip

Friday, November 12th 2004
A suspended Jamestown police officer allegedly committed several inappropriate acts while on duty, according to witness statements on file with Jamestown City Court.  The charges are detailed by nine witness statements on file detailing Michael Watson’s alleged inappropriate activities toward three women that resulted in criminal and civil service charges. Watson is suspended without pay from the Jamestown Police Department.

According to the victims and witnesses, Watson allegedly harassed each of the three women with consistent phone calls. e-mails and sexual behavior that threatened their personal well-being while he was both on and off duty.

“I wanted to end it with Mike, but no matter how I tried to tell him, nothing worked,” the victim wrote.  She reported six incidents between May and August 2003 where Watson had harassed her or sat outside of her home. It did not end until the victim threatened to have him arrested.
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Wednesday, November 10th 2004
Its been exactly Three months since a Jamestown mother of four, Yolanda Bindics disappeared, yet family and friends refuse to give up hope for her return. We will continue to pray for her return and keep faith that God will bring her home.
The Post-Journal who has recently taken a lot of slack for not fully covering the Yolanda Bindic's case, finally put a nice article in their paper about her. I think our constant letters to the editor got their attention. Today on the front page of the Post-Journal I found:
Mother of Four Still Missing 3 Months Later by Sabrina Blanco.
The day Yolanda Bindics disappeared her family was expecting some sort of news from her.  In the last days before her disappearance, her family said she was waiting to tell them a secret.  Now, three months after the Jamestown mother of four officially became a missing person her family still wonders what she had to tell them.
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Saturday, November 6th 2004
Attorney Edward Cosgrove, a private attorney from Buffalo, NY,  will be handling (Officer) Michael Watson's case on behalf of Chautauqua County. Court hearings are expected to take place in the Chautauqua County region. It has not been determined when or where the courts cases will take place.  Michael Watson, a person of interest, in the Yolanda Bindics cases is facing 9 unrelated charges of sexual harassment and stalking. Civil service charges have also been filed relating to numerous violations of departmental policies and procedures

Thursday, November 4th 2004
What happened to Yolanda Bindics? It's a question that haunts her friends and family here in Jamestown, and we just don't know.  But over the past few weeks we've been able to find out what happened in the days leading up to her disappearance -- events, conversations, some of which could be a window into solving the mystery.
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Wednesday, November 3rd 2004
Crimestoppers is offering an additional reward of up to $1,000. If you have any information on this crime, call the Crimestoppers hotline at 716-856-5600 or #5600 if you have a Sprint cell phone. You will remain anonymous.

Saturday, October 30th 2004
Jamestown Post Journal Readers' Forum
Is Mike Watson a Scapegoat?
Submitted by Elaine of Jamestown.
Michael Watson
Elaine discusses her displeasure with the media's coverage of Michael Watson. She states, "It was noted that his picture would not be shown due to 'extenuating circumstances'.  However his picture was shown several times on major television stations; even though he had not been charged with a crime."  Read More

Tuesday, October 26th 2004Clarence (Carl) Carte
Michael Watson What ever happened to the Persons of Interest
Clarence (Carl) Carte  and Officer Michael Watson.
We know that Carl was extradited to Florida, where he was wanted for a probation violation stemming from an armed robbery charge.  Has the                         questioning stopped basically because he's in Florida, and that's
Florida's problem now?
As for Watson.....What....When.....Where....Will.....
He ever be tried for the stalking of several women?
Where's the Media?  Where's the Police? Where's the FBI? I think it's time for some Real Answers!
Find Carte: NYS Inmate LookeupFlorida Fugitive

Friday, October 15th 2004
The case of a missing Jamestown mother hit the national airwaves Thursday night. The hit CBS Television drama "Without a Trace" featured a public service announcement about 26 year old Yolanda Bindics Thursday night. The mother of four disappeared without a trace from her work more than two months ago. The FBI and family members hope the segment featuring Yolanda's picture and brief description will generate new leads in the case.

Tuesday, October 12th 2004
The Chautauqua County District Attorney will seek a prosecutor from another jurisdiction to handle the case against a suspended Jamestown police officer accused of stalking local women. Originally the D.A was looking at Cattaraugus County, but that county will not be handling the case due to high case volume, now the D.A. is looking at Erie County for the case to be held. No word yet from Erie County. Chautauqua County Judge John Ward granted this request for recusal in Mayville today. An assistant district attorney will prosecute while a judge from Chautauqua County presides.

In other news: The FBI is making use of the CBS television network to try to get leads in the case of missing Jamestown mother Yolanda Bindics. On this Thursday night's broadcast of drama series "Without a Trace," the nation will be made aware of Yolanda's disappearance in a brief profile report.
"Without a Trace" airs this Thursday at 10:00 p.m. on Channel 4.

Friday, October 8th 2004
The Chautauqua County D.A. wants to move the harassment case against a suspended Jamestown police officer to Cattaraugus County to avoid conflicts of interest.

Wednesday, October 6th 2004
Jamestown Police say they're no closer to solving the disappearance of Yolanda Bindics, even after what initially seemed like a promising arrest to her family. Michael Watson was still on active duty in the early and most crucial days after Bindics disappeared. Authorities say four days had passed before they learned of Watson's relationship with Bindics.  On August 19th, Watson was then put on paid leave (nine days after Yolanda went missing) (5 days after they claim they found out out about the relationship).
"I don't think at this point (we know) this is the person and we need to prove this is the person," said Captain Lee Davies of the Jamestown Police Department. For now, new missing posters show a $20,000 reward for information about Bindics's whereabouts. Authorities believe someone other than her abductor knows something important, but will not come forward.
"The information must be there," Davies said. "Someone needs to come forward and share that with us to help."

Tuesday, October 5th 2004
Jamestown Police Officer Michael Watson is accused of harassing and stalking a number of women. Former Jamestown Police Dept. employee, Crystal Butera says she's one of them. Officer Watson has been suspended from the department without pay after an internal investigation, and is free on $10,000 dollars bail pending a hearing. Authorities say his case will be transfered out of the area so he can receive a fair trial if he decides to fight the charges.
Police say the charges are not related to the Bindics case, but that Watson is still a person of interest.

Monday, October 4th 2004
A Jamestown city police officer who has been on leave since shortly after the disappearance of a mother of four was arrested today on unrelated stalking charges. Officer Michael Watson was released on $10,000 bail after being charged one count of official misconduct, two counts of stalking, two counts of harassment and four counts of aggravated harassment. Police released no details on the stalking charges.

Saturday, October 2nd 2004
FBI Offers $20,000 Reward For Information In Bindics Case
The FBI is trying out a new tactic in the search for a missing mother of four from Jamestown.
Authorities say all of their leads are drying up in the search for Yolanda Bindics, so now they're reaching out for new information by offering a substantial reward.
The announcement came Friday morning during a press conference at FBI Headquarters in Downtown Buffalo. Alongside members of the Jamestown Police Department, FBI special Agent-in-charge Peter Ahearn said the agency is offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to the whereabouts of Bindics or to the whereabouts of the person responsible for her disappearance.

The fact that authorities acknowledged that "a person" is responsible for her disappearance represents a significant shift in what they've been telling reporters. Until Friday's press conference, authorities would not speculate on what happened to Bindics when she vanished August 10th while leaving work in Jamestown.
Authorities are now willing to say they believe Bindics was likely abducted.

Friday, October 1st 2004
The FBI is offering a cash reward as the search expands for a missing mother of four from Jamestown. Officials are hoping that an FBI reward of up to 20,000 dollars will help them solve this case. Jamestown Police Chief William MacLaughlin said, "Hopefully, this offering of a reward will bring additional information to us that will lead to the location of Yolanda." Peter Ahearn, Special Agent in Charge of the Buffalo FBI field office, said, "You recognize, at a point in an investigation, and in agreement among the investigators, that this might be something that is useful." The Associated Press
The FBI Friday posted a $20,000 reward for information leading to the whereabouts of Yolanda Bindics, a mother of four last seen leaving work nearly two months ago. Our leads are starting to dry up. We're starting to receive the same information," said William MacLaughlin, chief of police in Jamestown. Police have interviewed hundreds of witnesses but have not come up with a suspect. Nor have investigators ruled anyone out, the chief said.

Wednesday, September 29th 2004 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOLANDA!
By the end of a birthday vigil for Yolanda Bindics, there were few dry eyes among the 100-plus friends and relatives who came to pray for her safe return home. They gathered for a special candle-light vigil at Allen Park in Jamestown on the night of her 26th birthday, if she’s still alive. “I never thought we’d have to gather like this,” said Yolanda’s sister-in-law April Bindics. “I wish we could be out with her having fun.”

Her birthday service began with a prayer from the priest of her local parish. Many at the vigil signed an enormous birthday card. Relatives said they’d give Yolanda the card when she returned home. Later in the night, several of her relatives spoke to the large crowd, including Yolanda’s mother and older sister.Three of Yolanda’s four children came, and her second youngest child, Allison, blew out a special birthday candle meant for her mother. She also released a balloon into the sky. As for Yolanda, a large photograph mounted on an easel stood in her place. The large crowd also sang happy birthday to Yolanda. Her priest ended the song with the words, “please come home.”
2 on Your Side

Saturday, September 25th 2004

The Buffalo News Paper did a fantastic article on Yolanda!

HEARTBREAK without end
Buffalo News - Buffalo,NY,USA

It's to bad that our own local newspaper will Not give the same time and effort. So I Encourage all who read this to tell the Jamestown Post Journal just how Disgusted they are! You can do this at:
Letter to the Editor *UPDATE* 11/28-Thanks to all who emailed the Post-Journal they have recently been covering more of Yolanda.

Candlelight Vigil Announced
2 on Your Side
The family of a missing Jamestown mother of four, is preparing to observe her 26th birthday this coming Wednesday.
The image of Yolanda Bindics has now been seen repeatedly on television screens and we've followed the searches in everything from the city of Jamestown sewers, to the Chautauqua Gorge. Since her August 10th disappearance from the Family Dollar store on Fluvanna Avenue, only her purse and her car keys have been found.
Her family is still holding on to hope and are continuing in their search to find her. Yolanda's family and friends will mark her birthday with a candlelight vigil from 8:00pm to 8:30pm at Alan Park in Jamestown on Wednesday night. A missing Southern Tier mother of four will be remembered on her birthday.
7 News
A candlelight vigil will be held for Yolanda Bindics on Wednesday at eight o'clock in Jamestown's Allen Park. Bindics has not been seen since August 10. Yolanda will be 26-years old. The family is also planning a benefit to raise money for her children.
A missing Jamestown woman will be remembered by family and friends on a special day. 
Loved ones of Yolanda Bindics will hold a candlelight vigil this Wednesday, her 26th birthday. The mother of four disappeared August 10th after leaving her job on Fluvanna Avenue. The vigil will take place Wednesday around 8 o'clock in Jamestown's Allen Park.
The public is invited to attend. You're asked to please bring your own candle.

Thursday, September 16th 2004
Crews used special equipment to scope out sewer systems in Jamestown, looking for clues in Yolanda Bindics' disappearance. Police recently retrieved Bindics' purse and keys from the sewer. So far, no solid leads have turned up since the mother of four vanished August 10th.

Wednesday, September 15th 2004
Police have found another piece of physical evidence in the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Yolanda Bindics.
A search of a Jamestown storm sewer turned up a personal set of keys belonging to Yolanda.
Investigators on the case continue to canvass the area where the items were found in an attempt to find anyone who may have seen someone getting rid of them.
Meanwhile, (Carl Carte) the father of Bindics' youngest child  has been extradited to Florida, where he's wanted for a probation violation.

Friday, September 10th 2004
Its been exactly one month since a Jamestown mother of four disappeared.
Yoland Bindics disappeared after leaving her job August 10th. Her locked car was found shortly afterward several miles away. Since then, police have searched by helicopter, foot and dive teams and found nothing. Earlier this week, Yolanda's purse washed out of a sewer during heavy rains. Her wallet and a photo were also found. "Those items are in the possession of evidence personel who are deciding which labs should examine them for fingerprint or DNA evidence," says Jamestown police Captain Lee Davies. "We just don't have evidence to say something has or has not happened to her." Police say until they have evidence of violence or abduction, they will continue to investigate this as a missing persons' case. www.wgrz.com

Wednesday, September 8th 2004
Jamestown found new evidence that may help them find Yolanda Bindics. A discovery Wednesday morning may put authorities one step closer to finding a missing mother of 4 children. Jamestown Police confirm several items, including a purse, belonging to Yolanda Bindics have been found at 8th and Monroe in the City of Jamestown. Those items were found this morning near a sewer, apparently not far from where Bindics disappeared on August 10th. Authorities are now conducting a massive search of the area including below ground in the ongoing effort to find the missing woman.
Yolanda's purse apparently washed up out of the sewers after heavy rains and flooding in the area. A passerby found the person and called police. Hours after the discovery, police found Bindics's key chain in another storm drain near 6th and Jefferson just up the road. They said all of the items had likely been disposed of days ago... if not significantly longer. All items found are being sent to a forensic lab.
Police also confirm they continue to hold Clarence Carte, the father of one of Bindics' children, on unrelated charges. A Jamestown police officer, known as a "personal acquaintance" also remains on administrative leave .

Friday, September 3rd 2004
The search for Yolanda Bindics took an interesting twist, as investigators moved their search from Jamestown, New York, where Bindics was last seen, to a wooded area in Chautauqua County. With search dogs and helicopters, dozens of investigators scoured these woods and gorge in Chautauqua County.
Jamestown Police Dept. Det. Scott Depietro said, "It's a site that's been associated with some of the people we've been talking to and we're just looking into every direction that this case could take us." Investigators say they have several persons of interest in the case and some of them have spent time camping in the gorge.
Police searched a mile and a half square radius, including campsites at the end of Hammon Road. They found many articles of clothing, but now they must determine what was left by campers... and what, if anything, is evidence.
Investigators concluded their search around 3:00pm Thursday afternoon. They do have some new information from their search, but they will not discuss it.

Thursday, September 2nd 2004
JAMESTOWN, N.Y. Authorities today are searching a gorge in western New York for clues that may help in the investigation of a missing Jamestown woman. Local, county and state law enforcement officials are combing the Chautauqua Gorge for evidence.
Authorities say they decided to search the gorge after learning one of their persons of interest visited the area. Police will not release that person's name; however, they said the search had nothing to do with Clarence Carte, the father of one of Bindics's children. Carte was arrested last week on unrelated robbery charges from Florida.

Wednesday, September 1st 2004
With help from a lawyer, c
ustody of Bindics' 5-year old daughter was granted to the child's father, Darien.  Carl Carte is also seeking custody of the youngest daughter (While in prison, standing in his place at court was Carl's mother). The other 2 fathers is currently seeking custody of their children. Patricia, Yolanda's mother is also currently seeking custody of all the children.

Monday, August 30th 2004
Investigators confirm that Carte is "not a top person of interest" in Bindics's disappearance.

Saturday, August 28th 2004
Police are questioning a "person of interest" in connection with the disappearance of Yolanda Bindics, who hasn't been seen since August 10th. Clarence (Carl) Carte of Jamestown, New York, was arraigned Saturday morning, and charged as a "Fugitive from Justice." He's wanted in Florida for violation of probation on a robbery. He was arrested on Friday without incident.

Friday, August 27th 2004
Another "Person of Interest", has been named, Clarence Carte (aka Carl). Police brought His car in as possible evidence. Investigators are performing forensic tests on Carl's car but aren't commenting on what they are looking for. Carl Carte was arrested today on unrelated charges. Carl Carte is reportedly the father of Bindic's youngest child.

Thursday, August 26th 2004
A search crew of about 50 people from numerous agencies are searched a three square mile area of Jamestown , in connection with the disappearance of 25 year old Yolanda Bindics. Police will only confirm that new information prompted this search.
Police have conducted several searches in the past. The search was centered around Maccadem Industries gravel pits and the surrounding area that is made up of marsh, ponds and railroad tracks. Police say that they were looking for any clues, evidence or anything suspicious. Among some items found were some footprints, a water logged photo album and a blue tarp. Police are not confirming whether the items are significant to the case.

Wednesday, August 25th 2004
Jamestown Police Dept. moves missing woman's case to front burner. As area police agencies pool their resources to search for Yolanda Bindics, less important cases are being temporarily set aside to search for the 25-year-old mother of four. JPD states that this case is still steam ahead. Police rule out Canada Trip as a factor in her disappearance. JPD states that there still isn't a suspect or a definitive list of suspects involved with Yolanda's disappearance.

Tuesday, August 24th 2004
The search for Yolanda Bindics, the 25-year-old Jamestown woman who never came home from work at the Family Dollar on Fluvanna Avenue two weeks ago tonight, continues to be ''extremely frustrating'' for investigators.
Two weeks after her disappearance, some of the "missing" flyers bearing Yolanda Bindics’s name and photo are starting to tear, fade, and fall off telephone poles in Jamestown.
And although her picture is now posted on America's Most Wanted website, the 25-year-old mother of four is hardly getting the same national attention given to other women who had vanished, like Lori Hacking and Laci Peterson.
After several searches, investigators say they've turned up nothing. But the city police department has put an officer who had a relationship with Bindics on paid leave. They've also asked the FBI to question him. The same officer, Michael Watson, in question was still on active duty in the early and most crucial days of the investigation.

Monday, August 23rd 2004
High-ranking officials confirm that Officer Michael Watson of the Jamestown Police Department was placed on paid administrative leave last week. Watson is being questioned as a person of interest in the disappearance of Yolanda Bindics. He apparently had a personal relationship with the young mother of four. The 25-year-old woman was reported missing on August 10th.

Friday, August 20th 2004
There was another massive search effort Thursday for missing 25 year-old Yolanda Bindics. Near the Jamestown Plaza where her abandoned car was found more than a week earlier, investigators took measurements, and made footprint and tire track castings while rescue teams with search dogs combed acres of wooded land. They've also been monitoring Bindics's cell phone and bank account. Officials say neither has been disturbed.
Meantime, Jamestown Police continue to insist that the officer who had a relationship of some sort with Bindics, a mother of four, is not a suspect in her disappearance; however, investigators acknowledge the FBI has questioned the unnamed officer. Officials say he was put on paid leave simply to avoid a conflict of interest. But Channel 2 News has learned that he was not put on leave until five days after Bindics vanished. Investigators say they didn't know about the connection at first. They also say that the officer's presence in the department during the early, crucial days of searching did not compromise or taint the investigation.
No one knows what has become of Bindics. Authorities say the weekend before she disappeared she took a trip to Canada. But like all of the other leads in the case so far, that one turned up empty.

Thursday, August 19th 2004
A new development, in the case of the Jamestown woman who's been missing for more than a week, a Jamestown police officer has been placed on administrative leave, after he admitted being in a relationship with the mother of four.
The search continues for 25-year-old Yolanda Bindics. Police say her disappearance is suspicious. She was last seen leaving her job at Jamestown's Family Dollar Store more than a week ago. Her car was found the next day, less than half a mile away.

Tuesday, August 17th 2004
Yolanda Bindics, 25, a Jamestown mother of four, vanished without a trace, one week ago today. Police in Jamestown have to separate fact from fiction as they investigate the disappearance of Yolanda Bindics.
Rumors are now circulating about the missing woman. Police received several calls yesterday from people saying they heard Bindics body was found in a dumpster. Officers had to convince them that those reports are not true.

Monday, August 16th 2004
Jamestown - Volunteers and police searched over the weekend for a mother of four who's been missing since Aug. 10. Yolanda Bindics, 25, was last seen locking up the dollar store where she worked. It was a warm and sunny day Sunday, one of the few nice weekend days this summer. By late morning, dozens of friends and family gathered to begin searching for 25 year old Yolanda Bindics. The mother of four had left her job at the Family Dollar store in Jamestown last Tuesday evening, and hasn't been seen since.
Her car was found less than a half mile away the next day, parked at a fast-food restaurant. Bindics' young children are staying with relatives. Police say the disappearance is suspicious.

Saturday, August 14th 2004
Friends and family of a missing Jamestown woman are asking for help to join them for a search on Sunday morning at 11:00 on Fluvanna Avenue at locations where she and her car were last seen.

Friday, August 13th, 2004
Jamestown Police are looking for a 25 year old mother of 4 who disappeared Tuesday Night. Yolanda Bindics, an employee at the Family Dollar Store, closed the shop Tuesday Night around 8:30, but never came home. Police found her car the next day at a near by restaurant.  Jamestown Police say family and friends thinks it’s unlikely Bindics ran off, but detectives won’t say it they suspect foul play.
Jamestown Police are now working with the FBI and other law enforcement agencies in the search for the missing mother of four children. Yolanda's sister provided information for the FBI. The family is also asking friends and other volunteers to join them for a search on Sunday morning at 11:00 on Fluvanna Avenue at locations where she and her car were last seen.

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